I’m sure you will agree we have some great offers and offer value for money driving lesson prices. Please take a look at our special offers and do read the terms and conditions below. If you want to book your lessons you can do this via the online chat facility here on the website, or call us on 0300 22 33 123.

Special Offers  Price
*New learner offer 1  (for people with no experience at driving)  First 5 Hrs for £75
**New learner offer 2  (for learners with 0 or up to 5 Hrs experience)  First 10 lessons for  £150
***(Experienced driver offer 1 ( for drivers with no test booked )  2 Hrs for £30 
****Experienced driver offer 2 ( only those who have no practical test booked)  First 10 HRS for  £165


  Standard Prices   Price
 ****Bulk booking 10 Hrs or  lesson  £19 per HR
 Student Rates  (same as pay as you go)  £20 per HR
 Pay As you go  £20 per HR

All driving lessons will be conducted on a one to one basis no car sharing or piggy backing.
we cover all areas of Birmingham and the suburbs. Male as well as female driving instructor available.

Terms and conditions to the offers.

*New learner means you have had no driving experience (privately or with an instructor) in the UK or another country, you are not eligible to book new learner offers, you will be charged our standard rates by your driving instructor.

*experienced driver offers can only be taken by people who have no practical driving test booked or are going to book one within a month of taking the offer unless otherwise agreed with your driving instructor.

* A minimum of 48 Hour notice must be given in order to re- arrange or cancel a driving lesson, if less than 48 hour notice is given you will be charged for the duration of the lesson.

* Please note you must first agree with your driving instructor a mutually convenient day and time to book your driving test, this is to insure that both the car and your driving instructor and are available for the driving test. Due to the safety of you the pupil, driving examiner, and the general public, we can not allow pupil who the driving instructor deems to be unsafe to take a practical test and will with hold the tuition car for this. Plenty of notice to cancel and re- arrange the test will be given by your driving instructor.