Driving School Franchise


The franchise opportunity described below is quite unique and we urge you to read on to find out why.

Drivig School Franchise in Birmingham Guaranteed Enquiries.

You will no doubt be familiar with the hopeless situation that some driving instructors find themselves in, tied into long contracts with little or no work and endless promises. We are so confident of our methods that if, for any reason we are unable to generate inquiries in your area, you will be released from your contract, with no questions asked. No contract and no strings attached! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so please read more about this exciting driving instructor franchise opportunity on Birmingham. Targeted Marketing Before you clicked on our advertisement you had probably never heard of Go 2 Pass Driving School, so naturally you may be sceptical about our ability to generate enquiries and find you pupils in your area. By utilising cutting edge marketing techniques focused on specific towns and cities we are able to generate enquiries in almost any area of the UK. With more than 10 years of internet marketing experience we know just how to get your business seen. We currently have over 60 adverts on Google, all on the first page and the majority in the much coveted top spots! So getting them pupils and filling your diary will not be a problem at all.

1 Month Franchise Free Holiday.

We appreciate that everyone needs a holiday. With a Go 2 pass Driving School franchise in Birmingham you can enjoy a 1 Month Franchise break every year.

Manual or Automatic Cars?

A unique feature of our driving instructor franchise in Birmingham is the option to choose the type of car you want to teach in. The majority of driving instructors will be drawn to a manual car but we would strongly encourage you to consider teaching in an automatic too as the inquries and demand for these is high. Whilst the manual market is becoming increasingly saturated, automatic instructors are enjoying something of a boom which it set to continue and are charged at a higher premium too. You can either rent a new driving school car from as little as £60pw, or use your existing car (if suitable). Another popular feature of our driving instructor franchise is that you are not charged any upfront fees and your car in livery and  magnetic roof sign is Free.

Local Market and competitor Analysis.

Before you join our driving school franchise we will contact at least 15 of your local competitors to establish the right price to charge in your your area. We will provide you with a thorough competitors analysis, and our recommendations for pricing of you driving lessons . As a general rule of thumb we find that the most profitable franchisees are typically those driving instructors whose prices fall approximately £1 per hour below the median average for their  local areas.

Call Answering & Booking and Pupil Payment service.

Our team of telephonists will book new students directly into your online diary which can synchronise with any smart phone such as an iPhone, Blackberry or HTC and also by the popular tablet methods. This way, you don’t have to be disturbed while you are teaching and we can do all theselling for you! You will still manage your own diary and all subsequent bookings will be made by you. Exclusive Area A radius of 10 miles from your house will remain exclusively yours for the life of your franchise. Low Franchise Fee For the equivalent of just a 3.5 hrs of lessons per week, we will ensure that you never have to worry about finding new students again. Joining Go 2 Pass Driving School franchise has all the benefits of being independent but without the risk of fining where the next customer is coming from!  Also We do not charge for pupil introductions like many other local and independent driving instructor franchises in Birmingham.

‘ No Hidden Extras’.

Free Demonstration We would like to demonstrate to you, beyond any doubt, the remarkable effectiveness of a Go 2 Pass Driving School franchise. Following an initial contact by telephone we will begin a trial advertising campaign in your area. You will see first hand just how effectively we can market your business. There is no charge for this and you are under no obligation to join us. By now you probably have lots of questions so why not call us on 07506701431 (9am- 5:30pm Mon-Fri) to explore the options further or for an formal informal chat.